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Quintessence EGF (HOF)



"Ginger" is one of the mares that I have always set my eyes on as something I wanted as a broodmare. Of course I never thought that I would be lucky enough to have the opportunity to own this incredible mare.


"Ginger" was bred by Emerald Glenn Farm and shown by B and B Training Center to her Congress Champions, Reserve Congress Grand Championships, and her title of Classic Halter Pony of the Year.


"Ginger" has since gone on to be an outstanding broodmare for my dear friend Martha Hickam from ERL Miniatures and Shetlands. She has produced the Unanimous AMHR National Grand Champion Stallion, Over, Congress Champion and HOF Classic Stallion ERL Mikey's Southern Enterprise, along with Congress Reserve Champion ERL Phil's Tax Man.  

Ginger has produced the following foals for us at CLC Stables

Fashion "E" Sta CLC- Congress Grand Champion Classic Mare, Under

Where's My Captain Morgan CLC- Congress Grand Champion Classic Stallion, Under

Fully Invested CLC- Congress Grand Champion Modern Pleasure Stallion, Under

Axell CLC- 2021Classic Sweepstakes Reserve Champion (watch for him in the ring in 2022) 

IT's A GIRL Chestnut filly with two hind socks, sired by Congress Grand Champion Michigan's Thor

THR's Sweet Victory
2018 Congress Grand Champion Classic Mare, Over

2014 ASPC Mare

Swan Fair Victory (HOF)  x  Mo Charizma EDV (HOF)

Vicky Win Pic.jpg
Casey Trademark.PNG

"Vicki" is a wonderful addition to the broodmares here at CLC Stables.  Sired by the Congress Champion Swan Fair Victory and out of a Congress Reserve Champion, she was destined for greatness.  Under one of her previous owners she went on to win the Congress Grand Champion, Classic Over Mare.  She has produced two stunning fillies and we cannot wait to see her first foal for us in 2023.  Her yearling filly owned by Anivia Equine just went Congress Grand Champion mare in 2022 and 2023.

ITS A GIRL!   Bay Filly with 4 white socks a star and snip sire by AMHR National Grand Champion ERL Mikey's Southern Enterprise

THR's Sweet Victory
2023 ASPC Congress Top Five

2023 ASPC Mare

Chaos In Cahoots  x  THR's Sweet Victory


"Abby" is an extremely well bred Classic Shetland filly that can go in any direction.  Sired by the Congress Champion Producing stallion Chaos In Cahoots (a son of the great In Cahoots), and out of our Congress Grand Champion Mare, THR's Sweet Victory, this filly is bred to both halter and drive.  She is a bay filly with four white feet, and packs a pedigree of Michigan's, Rocket's Will Do, FMF, JC's, you can't get any better than this for a great outcross mare.   We are only offering for sale as we will be likely keeping her half sister from this year.



2024 ASPC Mare

ERL Mikey's Southern Enterprise (HOF)  x  THR's Sweet Victory

Se Se 1.jpg

"SESE" is a wonderful addition in 2024 sired by ERL Mikey's Southern Enterprise, and out of our Congress Grand Champion mare THR's Sweet Victory.   This little filly is just what we ordered and we cannot be more pleased.   She is nominated to the 2024 ASPC Classic Stallion Sweepstakes and will be shown at the 2024 ASPC Congress.   Cannot wait to see her mature more.  She carries an amazing pedigree, as she is sired by the first son of our great mare Quintessence EGF (Pony of the Year).   

Watch for her at the ASPC Shetland Congress!

Red Carpet Ready CLC

2024 ASPC Mare

Michigan's Thor  x  Quintessence EGF (HOF)

carpet 1.jpg

"Carpet", well I just don't have words.  This filly is exactly what I had in mind when we decided to send Quintessence EGF to the Cronin's to breed to Michigan's Thor for a 2024 ASPC Classic Stallion Sweepstakes foal.  Refined, upright, flashy, STUNNING.  She is for sure RED CARPET READY. Sired by the Congress Grand Champion Michigan's Thor, and out of our amazing mare Quintessence EGF (Pony of the Year, 4 Time Congress Grand Champion Producer, National Grand Champion Producer), this little filly has big shoes to fill following her siblings.  

Watch for her at the 2024 ASPC Shetland Congress!

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