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"A Running Tradition of Excellence"

Welcome to CLC Stables, established in early 1997 when Rob Crater felt it was time to begin owning miniature horses.   Having raised registered Suffolk sheep for many years, along with Pygmy goats, and Pot Bellied Pigs, Rob had always wanted Miniature horses.  That came to light in 1997 with his first miniature gelding Tattletail's TangoRay.   The rest was history.


It is now 2018 and Rob is still highly involved in the American Shetland Pony Club, and American Miniature Horse Registry. At one time he had some 25 animals that he was breeding and showing and produced numerous National Champions, National Top Tens, Congress Top Tens, and year end award winners.


Rob took a break from the industry, while still maintaining a few shetlands and got into the American Quarter Horse Association, and was promoting Racing QH's for about 4-5 years. He did quite well and had about 7-8 breeding and racing QH's and TB's at the time.


Now as his job takes a lot of time, he keeps very few horses but is still actively showing across the country, and producing one to two foals per year.  Rob seeks high quality, with extensive show and production records.   


Thank you for visiting us, and please feel free to contact us.  


We are always ready to talk Shetland.

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